Roasted Coffee

A warm whisper

Close to your ear,

“Good morning Love.”


Your arms reach out

Feeling between the sheets,

Only to find

There’s nobody there.

The scent finds you

A muddled mix

Complex and dark

Roasted coffee

And roses,

A touch of cinnamon.

Your eyes open

As you rise –

Led by your nose

And your heart.

Daylight floods through

Brilliant as a new day,

And you turn to rise,


The words were real,

Those soft whispers true.

A siren’s sweet song,

There on the table beside you

Steaming hot coffee,

Cinnamon scones,

And lipstick.

©Lenore T. Rose 2021



Lenore T. Rose

Creative spirit. Overworked human. Idea developer. Poet. Artist. Animal rescuer.