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Creative spirit. Overworked human. Idea developer. Poet. Artist. Animal rescuer.

Tonya Santos —

It wasn’t long ago when I was finding myself troubled by the overuse of emotional manipulation in corporate advertising. Disturbed by the observations of a misguided America herded and manipulated into selling our emotions by the pound, and for mere pennies on the dollar. Our children sold down the river of hope by a clown, while they believe in a cardboard box full of obesity and death. Just as big business has come to run our government and banks, with the use of targeted slogans or trendy buzzwords, politicians have been doing this for over a hundred years.

In today’s…

One never truly
the meaning of words,
until they learn the meaning
within their hearts.
What does it mean
to truly long
for a single sound —
an utterance,
or even a whisper.
The effect
of a single word,
or even those left unsaid —
can bring great joy,
a broken heart,
or war.

Thought Catalog —

Hope walked into the room

Filling it with soft light,

Calming and ethereal

With a smile.

“Steady,” she said.

“You can’t judge a book

By its cover.”

Hesitate before stepping forward,

You can’t quite tell where the edge is…

Of the cliff.

I can ask myself a million why’s

Carefully stepping into the blanket of warmth.

Such strength and comfort -

In his arms, holding his hand.

Without realization,

My breath escaped — so much of it.

A release where my soul left

Hiding from the pain, it could see coming.

“Don’t fall for it.”

It felt so good, the…

Element5 —

I miss you, with desperation –

I didn’t have enough time,

With you.

Everything to me, my world,

My heaven, my dreams –

Were all wrapped up in you.

The world was bliss –

Calm, serene, filled with happiness,

Smiles, laughter –

And an intensity, passion so deep –

Screams often escaped my lips. In joy!

It was a beautiful dream –

My time with you.

Life-changing, eye-opening –

As you shoveled the weight of the world

Off my shoulders.

You took my fears and crushed them

Into sand… to be gone as the hour passed

Through the hourglass.



The light fell through the blinds

Tracing illuminated lines across the bed.

“Are you ready?” he asked,

Running his hands down my arms,

For comfort,

For reassurance.

My eyes closed, lips began to tremble,

Knowing, aware of my capacity

To say no,

Had been misplaced

long ago.

Robert Krčmar —

The bud was tight, firm, yet reaching —

For the sunlight, warmth, possibilities.

The leaves, bright and green,

Thorns sharp and daring.

The rose felt your touch.

As you coaxed it to grow;

Watering, feeding –

Showering it with love.

The rose responded

To the care you provided.

It knew its sharp thorns would

Protect it from harm.

As fear and doubt fell away

The petals slowly loosened –

Relaxed. At ease. Safe.

The sun would rise and fall.

Each day began with a

Yearning, a soft hope

That you would come soon.

The sound of your voice

As you…

Jasmine Carter —

Lagrange Points —

Your voice lowered as you spoke to me

From across the room,

Demanding my presence near your side.

A wry smile crosses my lips, briefly,

For I don’t dare show

How much I had longed for your words.

My eyes avert, out of… awkward uncertainty,

Even now, knowing

How your game is played.

From behind your back, you show me

Your bundle of jute;

I step into your shadow,

Pausing at a blinding revelation of raw indecency –

I gasp.

Suggestions tumble from your lips,

Like the paper trail

Of catharsis;

Unfolding before me like an origami montage.

Reluctance, drowned…

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